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Safety Programs

At 51-Power Services, we have the expertise in-house to assist you with your safety program. We can help you develop an overall safety program or address specific areas of deficiencies within your safety program.

Scope of Work that we can Perform:

  • Verify general safe practices by auditing against state, OSHA Electrical Safety Orders and NFPA 70E guidelines.
  • Ensure that installations, inspections, operations and maintenance of electrical equipment are done according to or exceeding the previously mentioned standards.
  • Verify that employees have proper training in recognizing electrical equipment operations and maintenance standards.
  • Verify that situations requiring work to be performed by qualified electricians or otherwise specially trained personnel are adhering to those requirements.
  • Verify that electrical equipment is of adequate size and type for the application for which it is being used (e.g. proper gauge wire).
  • Ensure electrical panels and switches are readily accessible and areas with multiple energy sources are labeled.
  • Ensure proper grounding and bonding
  • Verify that adequate safeguards are in place to protect against unexpected or irregular events such as lighting strikes, power surges, power outages, line shorts, etc.
  • Recommendations for improvement
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